Real Estate News

Real Estate News
A drop in Perth property profitability could push you toward building a new home

Looking for some inspiration when looking at the Perth property market? Building your own home might be just what you need, and apg homes can help.

Why is now the best time to build in WA?

Think buying is a better option than building in Perth right now? Think again. The land market is strong, and the median dwelling value is high!

What are buyers facing heading into 2017?

Wanting to buy a home in Perth? Your best option might be to build new, and not just so you can save money - also so you can build wealth over time.

Why a home building drop isn't bad news

Nearly two years ago, the Western Australian building market hit a record peak - and that has since fallen rapidly. This is a result of slowing population growth, a decline in property values, and a drop in rental yields, according to a Housing Industry Association (HIA) media release from August 25.

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