Why are double-storey home designs becoming the preferred option?

Blocks in Perth are getting smaller. It's an unfortunate reality, but it's one that home buyers need to take into account when they're deciding on their next move. On account of the reduced size, having extra floor space can only be achieved by building up, not out. A double-storey home design from apg homes will allow you to make that happen.

Instead of needing an enormous plot of land, and building something that can hardly be admired from over the front gate, a double-storey property offers a number of advantages. As soon as you need your own space for a bit of peace and quiet, you'll understand why building a two-storey home was the right way to go.

The Stairway to Heaven

What's at the top of the stairs in your home?What's at the top of the stairs in your home?

Many people dislike the idea of having stairs in their homes because they could be a hazard. However, with a stair railing, it's extremely unlikely that you'll find yourself tripping over as you'll always have something to hold onto. Even better, at the top of the stairs in many apg homes designs, there is a retreat for parents. And not just a home office or study that kids never dare venture into, but a proper paradise for you to forget about the struggles of day-to-day life.

Take The Premiere, for example. It's an entertainer's delight, and features a luxurious space upstairs that can come in useful in many situations. When friends are over and it gets a little too much for the kids to handle, they don't have to hide away in their rooms - they can just chill out in their own space away from the adults in front of a television or reading a book.

Add a second storey and you'll come close to doubling the amount of floor space you would have had.

The same goes for when the kids are running around downstairs with their friends, wreaking havoc and having a blast. Squealing and screaming really gets out of control, but you can slink off and put your feet up away from the chaos in your own space. No sweat.

More room on less room

Because blocks are shrinking in Perth, there's a misconception that floor space is going to follow suit. That doesn't have to be the case, although it's likely if you've only got one floor in your home. Instead, add a second storey and you'll come close to doubling the amount of floor space you would have had, without needing a bigger patch of real estate.

Double-storey homes are not only becoming more popular in Perth, they're also becoming more necessary. Contact the team at apg homes today to talk about getting into a new one yourself.