whats the benefits of an open floor plan?

New home building will likely never go out of fashion, but trends in the industry come and go. If you've been checking out display homes in Perth or anywhere else across the globe, you may have noticed one particularly peaceful trend emerging: open floor plans.

Builders in Perth and elsewhere are opting for open home plans that emphasise flexibility and versatility over extravagance and scope, and it's not hard to see why. Open floor plans not only allow you to make the most out of a smaller space, but also create warm, inviting environments perfect for growing families or entertaining enthusiasts.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of an open floor plan is the way it encourages togetherness in a home. Despite being in separate "rooms," family members can still see and speak to each other. Parents can keep an eye on kids in the lounge all the way from the kitchen, and house guests can easily mix and mingle during a gathering instead of all convening in one cramped room.

Open house plans also allow more natural light into a space. Where a traditional floor plan can accommodate two to three walls of windows, an open floor plan usually has light beaming in from all four sides.

If you are concerned about accessibility now or later in life, open plans may be a good option because they are often more wheelchair-friendly than closed plans.

Afraid it might be difficult to differentiate between spaces in your open plan? Furniture - like sets of tables and chairs or clusters of couches - can help differentiate "rooms" from each other. Wall and curtain colour palettes can also encourage this distinction between spaces.