what you should think about when building a beachside property

Building a beachfront home is often the dream for many people across the globe, especially those lucky enough to live in countries with relatively easy access to the beach from most central population hubs like Australia.

If you're considering building a new home in Western Australia near the beach, there are a number of things to keep in mind. For example, take the view into consideration when developing your double storey house plans.

Having a stunning panorama of the beach and surrounding neighbourhood could not only help to increase the overall value of the property, but give you an alluring backdrop to the daily happenings in your life - a snapshot of natural beauty.

Furthermore, if you consider yourself a fishing enthusiast, now could be the time to incorporate this hobby into the very foundation of your home.

Take the time to establish a fish preparation area in your garage or kitchen - complete with a separate set of utensils - and give yourself an incentive to go into the ocean as much as possible.

One thing to be wary of when building near the beach is the increased incidence of salt in the air. This could cause problems if you're considering installing natural stones as a backyard patio feature, which will need to be specially treated with sealant to avoid erosion and other sodium-related complications.

Porous rocks like limestone, sandstone and travertine could be choices to avoid in lieu of a more dense stone type like slate or marble, which will naturally let in less water and have a reduced exposure to the harsh realities of salt on stone material.

A similar thing could also happen to metals, resulting in that classic 'beachside rustic' look that can be seen on corrugated iron sheets and other materials left on the beach for a period of time. It could be wise to avoid using these materials in excess during the construction of your home.