What New Year's resolutions is the housing construction industry setting?

If the home building industry was a person, sustainability would be its major New Year's resolution. All over the world and also here in Australia, green building has been at the forefront of the construction industry and this is only set to swell in the coming year.

Green building is growing so much in popularity that the 'World Green Building Trends 2016' report by Dodge Data & Analytics found that demand will double every three years. Meanwhile, the Global Green Building Market Outlook 2020 report stated that this sector was expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 13 per cent between 2015 and 2020.

Forget about the future, green building is already outpacing the conventional construction industry in America, according to a study for the U.S. Green Building Council - between now and 2018, this sector will be providing a whopping US$303.5 billion to their national GDP. Whoah. 

Us Aussies have also been doing pretty well already, with the 1,000th Green Star certified building awarded this year by the Green Building Council of Australia - that's a total of 14 million square metres of green space throughout the country. Now that's worth popping open a champagne for! 

Moving forward, studies are showing that more and more projects will be environmentally friendly, only emphasising the point that sustainability truly is the biggest resolution. The Dodge Data & Analytics report, for example, surveyed 1,000 industry professionals from 69 countries. All kinds of workers participated, from architects to builders to property consultants, and the results from across this data showed that more than 60 per cent of their upcoming construction projects will be built and designed sustainably.

As you can see, sustainable design is the bees knees when it comes to building housing for 2016 onwards. So, what can you do to make your own New Year's resolution for building a new home reflect this worthy trend?

Go green with apg Homes 

Planning to buy, demolish or build a new house in 2016? Why not resolve to do it the green-way? Here at apg Homes, our team of designers and qualified builders have streamlined the construction process and made it incredibly energy efficient.

Our shorter build times mean less energy is consumed and waste production in minimised. Quicker turnaround periods mean less time spent on site with diggers, cranes and machinery, resulting in fewer carbon emissions being released into our lovely Perth air. 

You'll hear many people say that going green is just as good for the planet as the pocket, and that's very true because a direct result of our swift yet safe building is that you save money on labour costs. This year, we even launched a new Breakthrough range of double-storey houses that can save you up to AU$60,000 compared to other two-storey houses, due to the intelligent design and building techniques of our homes. 

Kick off 2016 the green way with an apg home! Talk to our friendly team today, or come visit our display homes in the open hours to see first hand how stylish, sophisticated and - you guessed it - sustainable they are.