What features of your new home add the most value for resale?

So you're stepping into your brand new house and can't wait to make it a home - the thought of resale probably isn't on your mind right now, as this is going to be your humble abode for many years. On the other hand, maybe you're a savvy property investor who is building your portfolio and thinking about resale potential already. Either way, being aware of the resale value of the features of your new house is a very smart move.

Here at apg Homes, we're all about being smart - even our motto is 'designed and built with intelligence'. So, with all this cleverness in mind, let's delve into what the real estate moguls and experts have to say about resale value in the current property market.

Resale value is all about delivering to demand

It's no secret that the best way to make a profit is to satisfy the demand, or in other words, to have something popular to sell. A national survey by the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia (REBAA) established the top 10 popular features of a property in ranked order, so if your new house has several of these, the resale value is exceptionally good:

  1. Open plan living areas
  2. Butler's pantry
  3. Natural light 
  4. At least one secure car space
  5. Close proximity to school, shops and transport
  6. Two bathrooms minimum
  7. Kitchens that flow to undercover outdoor entertaining areas
  8. Level yard
  9. Two plus living areas
  10. Good storage

"Over the past decade there has been a real focus on inner-city living, so we were interested to discover that the demand for the traditional Aussie back yard still remains," said Rich Harvey, president of REBAA. 

Turns out the classics are timeless - sunshine, backyard barbecues and quality living will always be in demand. You'll also be happy to know that if you invested in an apg home, many of these popular features are part and parcel of our single-storey and double-storey designs.  

apg home designs factor in all these features 

You could literally tick off all 10 popular features in nearly every single one of our display homes. Open plan lounge, kitchen and dining spaces are common, with alfresco dining patios directly connected to the entertainment-style spacious kitchens for maximum ease while hosting guests. Storage is optimum, with no inch of wasted space in our clever spatial management and layout. A large pantry is a staple, too. 

We incorporate balconies, large windows and sliding glass doors to flood the rooms in beautiful natural light so they glow in the Perth sunshine. Many homes boast ocean views, located on the coastal corridors of the city. There are plenty of living areas, with media and activity rooms as well as lounge spaces upstairs and downstairs in most designs. Not only do we have ensuite bathrooms in master suites in addition to regular bathrooms, but even a powder room for guests. 

The backyards are professionally landscaped, and cars can be placed in a secure double garage that's close access to the kitchen's unloading bay for effortless grocery unpacking. 

All of these factors mean apg homes' designs have fantastic resale value - but with such comfortable, stylish living on offer, why would you want to leave and move out?