what are some of the best ways to maximise bedroom space?

New home building is an exciting part of any Australian's life. After all, creating your own living space based on your own wants and needs will help to make it the perfect abode for you and your family.

However, there are always a number of things that people struggle with when creating their double storey home plans, with one of the main ones being the issue of storage space.

This can be especially true in bedrooms, where people often have the majority of their belongings tucked away somewhere. Whether this be in the closet, drawers or under their bed, a lot of issues could be avoided if people gave some forethought towards this.

When creating your own plans, take these ideas into consideration. For example, it could be worth looking into incorporating storage areas into the very foundation of your home.

Having shelves, bookcases and other storage spaces dotted throughout your room could help to provide a range of locations for you to display your possessions, while keeping them in a tidy, organised location.

One aspect of having a spacious room is to generate the illusion of space. The way to achieve this is to ensure a lot of natural light is able to come into the room, which could encourage the use of large windows and skylights as a design feature.

Furthermore, coupling this with some mirrors strategically dotted around the room will help to create the idea that your room is much larger than it actually is. Another tip is to use lighter colours for the walls, which reflect light and add to the idea of a spacious area.

If you're interested in discussing your options, get in contact with one of the experts at apg homes and take those first steps towards creating the spacious home you've always wanted!