what are the benefits of concrete in double storey construction?

Most people are aware that whether you build a single storey or double storey home, the foundation is most likely going to feature a lot of concrete. What a lot of first timers in the double storey home building process don't realise is that a concrete slab underneath your feet on the second floor is a great idea too. So great in fact, that apg homes uses suspended concrete slab between floors in all of our double storey designs.

Strength and durability

An incredibly intelligent design solution, concrete slab has a range of user benefits. One of the most obvious plusses when using concrete for any kind of construction is its superior durability and strength. Compared to wood or other second storey flooring materials, concrete slab is a much more rigid and solid product.

Energy efficient

Many aspects in modern homes are designed to increase energy efficiency, as well as user comfort. Features such as insulation and double glazing are brilliant ways to decrease your power consumption when heating or cooling your environment, but another answer is right under your feet.

The thermal mass of a concrete slab absorbs and releases warmth and coolness in a very effective way, making it more energy efficient than wood flooring.

Keeping it down

Concrete doesn't let as much noise through as traditional wooden flooring, meaning you won't hear the kids stomping around upstairs while you are enjoying a movie in the downstairs lounge.

Another place concrete is used in apg's two-storey designs is in the staircase, so the same applies here - no clomping up and down stairs in heavy boots - only sweet, sweet silence in your home.

Giving you more space

This may sound counter-intuitive, but having concrete in your two-storey home actually gives you more space. Aside from being able to integrate storage space underneath concrete stairs, the slab offers some benefits in this area too.

Integrating batons to the underside of the concrete means that ceiling plasterboard can be secured directly to the slab, resulting in a maximised ceiling height, as well as providing for consistent finishes throughout the property.


Aside from the obvious health benefits from increased insulation properties and decreased heating and cooling needs associated with concrete slab in construction, there are other safety benefits as well.

One of the main characteristics of concrete is that it doesn't burn. This means increased safety for you and your family if an unfortunate incident involving fire occurred in or near your home, making concrete slab a no-brainer for the construction of two-storey homes.

At apg homes we build with intelligence - this means using materials that will not only last a lifetime, but provide as much enjoyment as possible. Concrete slab between floors is only one of the many innovative product implementations in apg-designed homes that make your new home the smartest on the block. For more examples of how we 'build with Intelligence' head over to www.apghomes.com.au/intelligence