Western Australians favour larger homes, except for Perth city

While many Australians are opting for medium and high density housing options, Western Australia isn't following the national shift toward more compact housing options. 

Generous double storey home designs are popular in Perth as buyers opt for a property with ample living space, outdoor areas and a lush garden. 

Going against the grain

"Western Australians favour the traditional home owner dream, as the only state to buck a national trend towards medium density housing," announced Bankwest in a February 18 statement. 

Only 18.2 per cent of WA home approvals in 2013 were for medium density dwellings. 

By contrast, the national average was an incredible 43.8  per cent, highlighting Western Australians' preferences for more expansive living options. 

The national average shot up from the previous year, where medium-density dwelling approvals nationwide were 39.8 per cent of total approvals. Five years prior, only 33.1 per cent of the country's home approvals were for this kind of housing.

However, for the 18.2 per cent of residents in WA who are making medium-density applications, this could reflect an interest for narrow lot homes.

These kinds of dwellings are a popular option for home owners who elect to subdivide their existing property for more financial stability or who prefer to build up rather than out.

Activity in Perth

While the verdict is out on WA's preferences, the capital's homeowners have access to the best builders Perth has to offer, should they wish to build their dream home from scratch.

While WA had less medium-density dwelling approvals than other states, interesting things are happening in Perth.

Just 18.2 per cent of total approvals were for this kind of housing across Western Australia, but Perth City figures tell a different story. 

An incredible 81.7 per cent of dwelling approvals in Perth City were for medium-density housing.

While larger properties are desired by many Western Australians, it's clear that those in the heart of Perth are opting for semi-detached properties as the area becomes more and more popular.