wallpaper versus paint: which will work for you?

When decorating you're new home interior one option that is often forgotten about is the preference between covering your walls with paint or wallpaper. The age old question has pros and cons on both sides, so it could be worth taking the time to consider each individually.

Wallpaper Your Walls

One often quoted benefit of wallpaper has to do with its ability to last for a long time, sometimes as much as 10 to 15 years. On the other hand, it isn't uncommon to find people forced to repaint their walls every few years in order to retain that fresh look.

Furthermore, the amount of variety offered by wallpaper gives you a smorgasbord of textures, colours and patterns to play with and choose from, giving you a wide range of different feels to create.

Historically, a drawback of wallpaper was the difficulty experienced when trying to remove it from the walls. However, should you choose to go with something different, there are plenty of products available today that can make wallpaper removal a breeze.

Painting Your Walls

Paint has the advantage of being far easier to apply than wallpaper. Simply preparing the wall and putting on your coats of paint will take a shorter amount of time than preparing and applying the wallpaper.

It can be easy to make simple repair jobs should something happen to your wall post-paint. Simply filling in the hole, matching the paint and reapplying will help you to quickly and effectively cover up the indiscretion easily.

Keeping an eye out when looking through display homes for an aesthetic you like will help you to make a decision about your interior in the long run.