two tips for a great bathroom

A new home building presents fresh opportunities - you can start from scratch, quite literally building from the ground up.

Buying double story home designs off the plan is a popular choice. The promise of a modern residence with expert advice along the way is just one reason why apg homes are an easy choice for those seeking the perfect property in Perth.

If you're going to the effort of having a home built from scratch, it's conceivable that you'll want every room to be perfect.

Though the living room and bedrooms are more commonly frequented spaces compared to the bathroom, it's important not to neglect the latter!

Here are two things we recommend you consider when creating your bathroom.

Location, location, location

People often discuss the location of a property in terms of its suburb or city.

But have you thought about the location of individual rooms within your new home?

The bathroom is no less important when it comes to such considerations. For example, bigger families may consider double storey home plans that have an ensuite connected to the master bedroom and the main bathroom close to children's bedrooms.

The location of the bathroom in connection to other rooms is important, too. Bathrooms that open out onto frequently used spaces (for example, the living room) may afford less privacy to those using it.

Often bathrooms have higher windows than lounges or kitchens. For this reason, bathrooms may be better placed if they're not on the street front, as this would leave a large portion of wall, which might be better placed if it's at the more discreet rear.

A drop of colour

It's common knowledge that a white colour scheme lends a sense of openness to a space, which is great news for bathrooms, particularly if they're smaller.

However, a pop of colour may create a more lively space and be less clinical than white. Consider a lightly coloured paint or wallpaper in a powder- or sky-blue for a modern freshness. Overlay this with a feature colour, such as a tangerine trim that runs horizontally around the bathroom for extra zing without being too intrusive.

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