trend alert: something from every decade

Decorating your brand new two storey home is a great time. You get to establish your own personal brand, and infuse your living space with touches of your personality. The problem is, sticking with one theme can often lead to a dated look very quickly, so, why not try something from every decade for a more balanced look?


Rich colours and flowing forms marked the decade of liberation that was the 1960s. As the world emerged from years of drudgery and despair, including depressions and wars, flower power and psychedelic experiences became all the rage.

The Panton chair was also introduced in 1967, and is the ultimate expression of how 60s decor reached for the future with both hands.



If you grew up in the 70s, you'll likely remember some of the great (and not-so-great) features of that decade. The base colour palette didn't change too much when compared to the previous ten years, although mustard, brown and cream seemed to take over a bit more as slightly subdued tones took to the stage.

One hero piece from the 1970s was the shag pile area rug. Sometimes lauded as one of the worst things to happen to homes 40-odd years ago, a modern approach to these warm and luxurious pieces can turn terrible into terrific.


The 80s were not a particularly glorious time in home decor. In fact, you may be tempted to skip over this section, but there were a couple gems that come to mind.

Pastels and floral prints were the go-to when it came to walls, floors, couches - anything. While this can be overpowering, a few simple pieces in similar quiet tones can really calm down a room that is too lively. It can be hard to relax in a space that is all bright colours and sharp shapes. 


Ah, the decade that rescued us from the 1980s and ushered in more modern aesthetics. We saw the rise of minimalism, as people shrugged off harsh economic times and busy wallpaper. There was also the increasing influence of Oriental stylings, including Zen Buddhism.

You might remember low beds with wooden surrounds and built-m drawers, as well as plenty of eastern art, but one of the biggest impacts the 90s had was on our acceptance of neutrals as valid decor choices. White, expansive spaces become the norm, and we realised the need for light and air in the home, opening up kitchens and lounges with our colour choices.


It appears that Y2K wiped our memory of the previous decade's minimalism - we also conveniently forgot the pine furniture, chintz and sponge painting. 

The naughties actually taught us to be good with home decor. It seems that balance and individual fit were the trends from this decade, with people streamlining their lifestyles too. Slimmer TVs, phones, computers and other appliances also helped us to rearrange our lives in more fluid configurations.


The twenty-teens are essentially a gradual evolution of the individualism that rose out of the previous decade. Many households choose to incorporate more green and sustainable choices into their everyday living, whilst others focus on the technological advancements they can fit into their homes.

For the most clued-up home stylists, it's a combination of these that can accommodate picking and choosing the best of previous decades too.

If you're looking for a way to express your individual style, consider stopping by one of our display homes in Perth to pick up some fresh ideas.