trend alert: rustic chic or industrial chic?

There's a yin and a yang to almost every artistic style or design trend. Two of the current trending looks for a home's interior design are rustic chic and industrial chic and both come with a uniquely different vibe. You can almost think of one as a sleek, cosmopolitan city and the other as a charming countryside escape. 

Find out what these trends are all about, and how you can bring these looks to your new home building through fun yet glamorous interior design. 

Rustic chic

Ah, romantic, rural, rustic chic - it's a timeless style. Think warm colours, cosy fabrics, earthy tones and snug details such as vintage lace doilies or embroidered cushions. Brown leather sofas would be a great way to bring out this look, adorned with blankets and cushions with prints of leaves or floral patterns. Add flowery lampshades with tassels to your floor lamps and ceiling lights to complete the look. 

Instead of storing your cutlery and pots and pans in kitchen cupboards, show them off by displaying them on hooks. Copper and brass utensils look great for this particular style. As for your cutlery and plates, aim for peach or cream coloured ceramics with a delicate metallic border. No-fuss flowers such as baby's breath would look great in a rustic chic home, especially when these woody, outdoorsy blooms are displayed in a terra cotta urn instead of a vase to tie the brown colour scheme together. 

It's not all about humble countryside touches, though. To bring out the 'chic' you should add luxurious metallic details in bronze tones. Curved bronzed metal legs for tables and chairs, a hat stand and doorknobs are all subtle ways of adding some shimmer and shine to an otherwise rustic palette. 

Industrial chic

Do a 180 and you end up with sharp, cool industrial decor. Glass, steel, iron, gun metal, piping - basically any material that is typically used in construction or factory environments can be re-purposed into elegant home decor. You could even source materials for decorating your home in an industrial style during the demolition and building process.

The best way to nail this look is by blending these harsh materials with softness. Slightly tarnished steel would look lovely contrasted with cool, clear glass as a coffee table. Soft, velvety sofas can be tucked beneath floating shelves in dark metals. Think of mixing and matching such textures to really make an industrial chic look shine. 

A really effective way to achieve an industrial chic theme is through pendant lighting. Unlike the flowery flourishes of the rustic chic home lighting, aim for bare, exposed pendant lights in dark metal and let them hang as a statement piece. Giant, modern floor lamps curving over a sofa are also a way to get this look in your open plan lounge.

Which trend is more your style? 

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