trend alert: the latest trends for your bathroom and ensuite

It can be hard to keep up with the Jones', especially if you've both got a brand new house. So how do you make your home stand out? Superior styling and decorating choices are what makes a home leap off the pages of magazines, and will certainly help you individualise your new space.

If you've taken advantage of a two storey house design, you probably have at least two bathrooms to decorate, and the ensuite is probably one of your favourite features of your new house. Even single storey homes can have plenty of powder rooms to spruce up.

Splash out in these areas 

A bathroom is not just a place to make a literal splash - you can use this space to go all out with your decorating ideas. Because these are self-contained areas that do not need to necessarily fit in with the decor of the rest of the house, these are great rooms to make bold design choices, such as bright paint colours, or unique art pieces.

Considering your bathroom is brand new, you're probably not thinking of renovating to create a feature wall. If you want this level of personalisation in the bathroom, try more easily applied finishes to modify your walls. If you are still in the design and build phase, you could pick a boldly coloured paint, but if you're been in your home for a few months, painting your own walls is an affordable way to get a new look.

A hot trend at the moment is using decals to create feature walls. Try applying black decals in natural shapes like leaves or trees, against grey-painted walls that have blue or green tint in them. This natural look can be complemented easily with small sculptures using natural wood and fairy lights.

Free standing

Everything in the modern bathroom is secured to something, so adding free-standing furniture has seen a resurgence lately. Dark wood furniture can create a luxurious feel when paired with plush towels and floor mats.

Big, bold free standing mirrors have become a must have in modern bathroom decor. Repainting an old ornate mirror with a thick frame can really bring your bathroom to life - and it won't cost much either. An added benefit to adding a big mirror is that it reflects more light, making the space seem brighter and roomier than before.