Trend alert: ensuite decor and design

One of the most luxurious aspects about living in a master bedroom is having an ensuite bathroom all to yourselves, and here at apg homes, our ensuite designs sure put the capital 'L' in luxury.

Many of our two-storey home designs come with relaxing, rejuvenating features as part of the ensuite's layout. For example, in the Cove, you can enjoy bathing in a spacious 1.2x1-metre shower and then pop outside to brush your teeth in a classic 'his and hers' sink area and vanity. 

So, what's in the pipeline, pardon the pun, for ensuite bathroom design trends? Read on to find all about what's making a splash in the interior design world of bathrooms!

Vintage tubs contrasted against modern tiles 

In a classic tale of 'old meets new', Houzz and Elle Decor note that a current trend for sophisticated ensuite bathrooms is adding a vintage bathtub.

However, to bring some artistic contrast in, the tub is the only historic item in the ensuite which is otherwise modern and contemporary in style. Think shiny tiles and minimalist marble, with glass and steel around the shower. A single white ceramic vase with an orchid placed by the sink completes the chic vibe, fit for a master bedroom's ensuite. 

Lovely ladder shelves 

Joining forces with the industrial-chic trend, steel, iron or metal ladders typically used on construction sites are revamped into shelves in a bathroom. Soft, fluffy folded towels are kept on the rungs beside soaps and shower gels. This easy-access storage also looks very stylish and current, on the pulse of what's attractive in the interior design world. 

Many homeware stores are selling these ladder shelves in whitewashed wood, or in standard brown wooden planks, if you'd prefer a more organic look for the shelving. 

apg Homes - Vogue Display Home Ensuite

Coupled-up his and hers sinks 

We at apg Homes are ahead of the curve with this trend! Make the most of our his and hers sinks by choosing one of two options: symmetry or complete personalisation. For the first option, you keep things decluttered and minimal, placing matching ceramic toothbrush stands next to identical small potted indoor plants - such as succulents - beside each sink.

For the second, embrace your own personality and make each sink your own, putting your preferred grooming products next to your own sink to 'claim the area' as your zone. Bridge the gap between the two sinks by placing some couple photographs in frames along the centre of the caesarstone top vanity. 

Singing in the shower meets disco dancing

Finally, one of the most fun ensuite bathroom trends of recent months is to add digital up-lighting and neon spotlights in the shower. Yes, this is a real thing taking bathrooms by storm! Talk to the friendly team at apg Homes if you would like to plumb and light your shower accordingly. 

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