Trend alert: bohemian beauty for your home

Say hello to fringe! The 1970s retro-chic Bohemian style is back in full swing, gracing the runways of fashion collections and taking the interior design world by storm. Everyone from Houzz to the Decoist and even Harpers Bazaar is touting this trend, noting that the exotic textiles and bold, vibrant colours of 'la vie bohemia' are all the rage right now. 

So, how can you bring this current interior design trend to your own home? Well, roll up the sleeves of your silk kaftans and slide up your clinking bangles, because you're in for a fun boho-chic ride!

Here's a handy guide to transforming your home into a tastefully ethereal abode. 

Accent pillows

Bohemian Pillows

Find cushions or pillows with fringed edges, tassels, mirrorwork or embroidery in exotic Moroccan or Indian prints. These look best placed in a neutral room with beige or creamy white walls, so the cushions can 'pop'.

Using accent pillows is a more subtle way of introducing boho vibes than painting entire walls maroon or draping tapestry cloths in floral patterns over your sofa - but for those who are bohemian at heart, the latter is certainly a design option! 

Large rug or carpet

Feel like you're stepping onto a magic carpet every time you set fo
ot in your lounge by placing a large, oriental or Turkish rug under the sofas. You can contrast the look with simple black or white leather sofa sets, adding some neutral balance to the mix.

On your coffee table above the rug, have fun with the theme by placing candles or incense sticks beside crystal rocks in a silver tray. If you can find an antique oil lamp in homeware stores, add that as a statement piece that harkens back to Arabian nights. 

Plants and prints

The greener and leafier, the better! Potted indoor plants placed throughout your home are not only an iconic Bohemian look, but also incredibly healthy.Indoor Plants

Indeed, a study by the American Society for Horticultural Science found that keeping plants in the house removes volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the air. VOC is usually released by adhesives, furnishings, solvents and clothing, and can be harmful for our health. Japanese royal fern tops were ranked as a top plant for such purposes. 

Complement the natural green hues of the plants with bright, brilliant prints for your curtains, upholstery and table mats. Ideal boho prints include Aztec designs, Baltic prints, intricate floral imagery and even crochet and lace. Your new home building will be mesmerising with these dotted around!

Ornate mirrors

Rather than hanging paintings on canvas on your walls, find old, ornate mirrors with ceramic tiled borders or metallic accents on them. Use these instead of artworks, hanging wooden beads off the sides for a touch of bohemian brilliance. 

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