top tips to choose the floorplan that's right for you!

When selecting double or single storey house plans for a new home, you will have to spend a fair bit of time choosing between different floorplans. While it can seem pretty black and white, there's a lot going on in these complicated drawings. Here are our top nine tips for choosing the right floorplan for your family.

1. Know your needs.

Every family is different, so don't think any off-the-shelf design is going to do. Thankfully, apg's range of homes features everything from upside-down living to rear-access strata designs. We've got you covered.

2. Figure out your orientation

We're talking about the direction of the sun here. Houses in Australia are - or should be - designed to have their entertainment areas and the majority of their windows facing north. This is good passive design.

3. What's the shape of your block?

Size, shape and access: These all have a big impact on what you can fit on your block of land. With apg, narrow lot homes and other specific designs are no problem.

4. Get to know the lingo

If you're trying to interpret drawings, not everything is spelled out nicely - you'd run out of room! Some things are easier to understand, such WC for water closet, WIR for walk-in-robe and WIP for walk-in-pantry. STR for stairs makes sense, as does LDY for laundry. But when you get into finished floor heights, sewer drains and terrazzo, you could come unstuck. Ask your building consultant or designer for help understanding these.

5. Learn the symbols

While half of a floorplan is covered in abbreviations, the rest is littered with squiggles and lines. What do they indicate? The semi-circles around doorways show you how far and in which direction doors open, and the arrows on staircases show you which way is up.

There are plenty more to figure out, so again, take some time to figure these out, as they will determine the suitability of a design for your purposes.

6. Figure out the distance

Most floorplans will have dimensions on them, or a graduated scale to indicate distance and size. When determining how well a a particular two storey home design will suit your family, figure out how far bedrooms are from each other and the size of bathrooms too. This will give you an idea of comfort levels, in terms of available space and privacy.

7. Will it fit?

You've already figured out if the house will fit on your block of land, but will your furniture fit in the house? We're not kidding, this is a serious consideration!

Homes designed by apg are large and roomy with plenty of space to get big pieces of furniture in. Have a look at the size of rooms in square metres, as well as ease of access through passages and stairs for large items. This could also help you plan your move in advance.

8. How much land will you have left?

A good double storey design doesn't take up too much room on your land while yielding as much floor space as possible. A great design will seek to maximise your outdoor area as well.

At apg we do this by designing our homes to have one large alfresco and outdoor space, rather than lots of little pockets of unusable land.

9. Is it designed by apg?

This might sound a bit presumptuous, but we firmly believe our home designs give our clients best value for money. This includes a modern, open-plan layout, as well as all of the conveniences you would expect from a much more expensive home.

We're able to do this by intelligently designing our houses to make the most of space and time and organising our trades as efficiently as possible. If you're looking at a floorplan by apg - you're onto a winner.