top things to consider when planning to build

So, you've decided the only way you're going to achieve your dream home is to build it. Having your house built instead of buying an existing dwelling certainly does improve your chances of getting exactly what you want - it also means you get to have the very latest and the best of the best in home design.

But there's more to building a house than you might think. Here's our selection of top things to consider when choosing to build.

Budget - it doesn't all go to the house

When creating a budget for new home building in Perth, you have to squeeze more into the planned expenses than just the quoted cost from your builder. 

Of course most people realise that they will have to pay for land as well, if not purchasing a home and land package. But what about preparing the site for building?

Some blocks have factors that make them harder to build on and these need to be remedied before construction can take place. This can include levelling out a building platform if you are on a slope or removing tree stumps or rubble. Blocks that are more difficult to build on may be cheaper to buy, but could have a higher site cost.

Another factor to budget for is the level of finish applied to the house. These are the kind of things you choose for the home, such as window dressings, carpets and other accessories. Outdoor areas and paving should also be included in this figure.

If you want a nice finish, we recommend budgeting around 15 per cent for these extras. A more luxurious feel can be achieved for your home, but then you could be allocating up to 25 per cent of your total spend to the extras.

Finance: How is it different?

Getting your mortgage sorted for building is slightly different than when buying an existing home. Firstly, one of the most common options is a construction loan.

Instead of drawing the entire loan amount at once, these types of mortgages make progressive payments when they are needed - this means you won't be making payments on the full loan amount while the house is still being built.

First home buyers can also take advantage of grants from the government - these are substantially more than when buying an existing home.

Home design

Choosing the features your home will have is one of the top reasons people choose to build instead of buy. There are many aspects to consider here. Do you want a spread out single storey home design, or do you prefer a two-storey narrow lot design that allows you to make better use of your land?

There are also much more finicky decisions that need to be made, so you should start thinking about your preferences for separation of the master suite, additional bedrooms and the living areas, as well as small things like how you prefer to entertain, the best sun-facing aspect of your property, and more.

Talking to one of our building consultants is one of the best ways to discover more about the options in home design.

Time frame

One of the biggest things to consider when deciding to build is the time it will take to complete your project. Building a new home often comes at the same time as other big life moments, such as a wedding or the birth of a child. Planning around these major events is an important part of managing stress during this time.

Effective time management will also mean you will save on interest or rent payments - having your completion date fall conveniently in line with your move-out date or other big events, such as a job promotion, can be the difference between having enough money at the right time or not.

Choosing your builder

Getting the right Perth builder for the job means choosing a construction professional that understands all of the above aspects and more.

It's important that you select a builder you can be confident in. This means appropriate licencing and accreditation, but also industry experience. Seventeen years of design and construction in Perth makes apg homes an ideal partner for your new home building project.