The top interior design trends for 2016

It's a new year and with it comes a flurry of new trending styles in interior design! 

Here at apg Homes, we take pride in sharing the latest and greatest interior design trend alerts with you. In our Trend Alert series, we focus on a single trend and how you can implement it in your home. But before we launch into this series for 2016, let's first explore what the industry experts are forecasting for the interior design world this year. It will be interesting to see how many of these crystal ball predictions actually come true - and if they do, you can expect we'll share a dedicated Trend Alert artcle with you! 

A look back before looking forward 

Before we delve into what's in store for 2016, let's have a quick refresher on the major trends last year. A big trend for 2015 was the industrial-chic aesthetic - a blend of steel, glass, metal, iron and other industrial materials with elegant, minimalist furniture.

Contrasting to this contemporary style was the bohemian trend, taking notes from the 1970s free-spirited glamour and injecting bold prints, tasseled edges, fringed fabrics and boho-chic decor into homes around the world.

Organic, earthy materials such as wood and stone were also popular, reflecting the growing interest in green building worldwide. Recycling and up-cycling were common for decor DIY projects, showcasing how much of a role sustainability is playing in the world of housing construction and interior styling.

Gaze into the crystal ball for 2016

The biggest prediction for this year is that the sustainable wave is only going to grow and blossom further. Various reports are proving this to be true, such as the 'World Green Building Trends 2016' report by Dodge Data & Analytics which found that demand for green building will double every three years, and the Global Green Building Market Outlook 2020 report which noted this market will grow year-on-year by 2020. 

What this means for interior design is that reclaimed materials will be used more for furniture and shelving, while architectural plans will have to accommodate space for solar panels or other environmentally friendly features. In turn, interior styling will have to support green principles further. 

Another key prediction was shared in Interiorzine, noting that copper will be all the rage. Think rose-gold tinted copper pendant light fixtures, candle stands, serving dishes, bowls, vases and other decorative objects in this metal. Other trending materials are marble, brass and cement, which will be introduced in interesting ways such as cement block coffee tables or marble coasters. Overall, this look takes the basics of industrial-chic but balances it with an organic, rustic feel that's sure to look striking in lounges, bathrooms and bedrooms. 

Finally, in terms of colour trends, there's only one place to look annually and that's to Pantone's Colour of the Year. For 2016, there's a revolutionary approach because Pantone has released a two-tone colour for the first time ever. Called 'Rose Quartz and Serenity', this pastel pink and lilac colour resembles a tie-dye effect or watercolour painting, the dual tones blending together in wispy patterns.

Pantone named the hue 'serenity' to suggest the tranquil, calming feel of the two shades combined. All in all, integrating this peachy palette into your new two storey home is set to bring sweetness to the styling. This colour scheme would be ideal in a coastal apg home along the southern and northern corridors of Perth, the pastel colours complementing the aqua blue ocean views. Come see some of these houses for yourself on one of our open days for display houses!