top 7 landscaping tips for new homes

Landscaping is probably the last thing on your mind when you've just completed a building project, but not taking care of this all-important aspect of your home could let down the entire project with a lacklustre presentation.

1) Low maintenance or pride of the block?

Decide how much time you are wanting to spend on maintaining your garden - this will determine the type of plants, grasses and features you choose in the beginning.

2) Home owner or investor?

If you are investing, it may pay to create a very simple and easily maintained lawn and garden to save on maintenance costs.

3) Sectional or overarching theme?

If you have lots of small beds, or distinct-use areas, you may wish to try varying themes in different spaces, however a simple one-size fits all is the easiest to install and look after. It also helps in keeping a consistent appearance.

4) Do the lawn last.

If you are putting in retaining walls, or considering any other significant jobs, the tools and materials being transported across the grass could make a real mess of it, and laying your lawn twice is not fun for your wallet.

5) Consider your environment.

Although there are certain flowers or palms that might be to die for, they could quite possibly just die. Make sure you are planting according to your local climate and also in the right season.

6) Think about your furniture.

Sounds funny, but your lounge suite can have a big impact on the bushes around the patio. If you are wanting to create indoor-outdoor flow, considering the colours and shapes you use inside can influence what you implement outside, in order to maintain a sense of continuity.

7) How much space do you really have?

If you've taken advantage of a two story home design, you probably have a lot more room for a backyard. If not, don't go overboard with purchasing outdoor furniture and water features without first considering where everything will fit.