top 3 things to buy for a brand new kitchen

When it comes to kitting out the kitchen of a brand new home, it can be tempting to get every gadget under the sun to fill up your cupboards. However, it can be prudent to get the essentials first and tackle the rest as the need arises.

The best fridge you can find

The refrigerator you choose for your home shouldn't be any old slab of metal. Aside from styling that matches your other appliances, it's important to get the most out of this appliance as possible, as it is one you will keep for a very long time.

There are many ways to judge the suitability of a fridge, but most importantly, look at the volume and layout. It sounds a bit obvious, but the larger your family, the larger the fridge you need - so don't just go looks alone! A top mount fridge-freezer is most common, but a bottom-mount is great for keeping everyday items at eye-level. Side-by-side fridge and freezer combos are ideal for large families that entertain a lot.

Added bonuses like ice makers, water dispensers and more are becoming increasingly common and affordable, so splashing out on these extra features shouldn't leave too much of a dent in your wallet.


A dishwasher is a modern day necessity. If you don't own one, then you're probably sick of being the dish washer in your house. These marvels of kitchen efficiency not only clean and sanitise your dishes for you, but they also keep your counter-tops clear of dirty dish debris, which can become unsightly very quickly.

If you enjoy entertaining, you can be confident that you will get through all of those dishes with ease once your guests leave. Aside from choosing a dishwasher based on capacity, it's important to consider how the finish matches your other appliances, and also what kind of door and drawer options you need. Speak to a specialist and find out what will suit your requirements best.

For smaller families, you may prefer a dishwasher with a drawer that allows for smaller loads to be washed, while allowing for economical use of water. If you've purchased a home from the one of our ranges, you'll be pleased to know that apg has anticipated your need for a dishwasher, and has left a cavity in the kitchen for the appliance.

At least one frill

It's nice to have gadgets and useful small appliances in the kitchen, but the key is not spending too much on frivolities that only get used for a season or two. To this end, it can be great to buy at least one small appliance that simply makes your life easier.

Great picks for this appliance are slow cookers, bench top grills and food processors. A slow cooker is ideal for throwing some things in the pot in the morning and then coming home to a cooked stew or soup that is piping hot. Talk about convenience!

Electric grills are great for quickly preparing meat, grilled sandwiches or even veggies, but these functions can be achieved in a pan as well - so weigh up how necessary this item is.

And lastly, a food processor. Again, not something that is completely necessary, as you're able to cut or grate most things by hand to generally the same effect. But if you want really quick meal prep times, or unique features that open up different recipes for your repertoire, it could be a worthwhile investment.

Make sure to plan your kitchen thoroughly before heading to the store with a couple credit cards and a stack of cash - you could end up spending much more than you need to, when a few high-quality essentials would do the trick.