tips to make your new home easier to clean

cleaningA new home building project offers a fresh start and it's understandable that you want to keep your new property in top condition. 

However, busy families or working couples may find it difficult to find time to clean between family events, sports practices, work functions and the like. Fortunately, there are some factors you can bear in mind when designing your new property to make cleaning a breeze, not a worry.


Certain areas in the home will get a lot of foot traffic, while others will get significantly less. When it comes to shared living spaces, it's wise to consider the flooring very carefully. 

From spilt liquids to pets that moult, there are plenty of things that can dirty your floor. If you opt for polished concrete or tile, you'll find it a lot easier to clean these spaces with a simple vacuuming job.

Mopping can lift dirt easily, but be sure that the appropriate sealant has been applied to the floor if required.

Remember that the darker the flooring, the easier it is to disguise any marks between cleans!

If you want to achieve a cosier feel - particularly in bedrooms - think about adding carpet tiles. They can create a very interesting look and if anything gets spilt, you can simply lift up the affected area to clean it.


Velvet couches can look ultra-luxe, but they can also be difficult to clean. Instead, consider leather or faux-leather if you want to clean couches and lounge chairs easily.

Apply a coat of protective lacquer to your wooden dining table and chairs to protect them, too.


A suitable countertop is a must for easy cleaning. 

Consider caesarstone for your kitchen bench as well as bathroom vanities. It is easy to clean by wiping over the surface with a damp cloth and comes as standard in many apg homes.


The more clutter in your home, the more spaces there are for dust to collect. 

Many of our home designs have walk-in wardrobes to maximise bedroom storage space, while kitchens have ample storage space, too.

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