tips for installing a home bar

Having your own home is certainly rewarding, with plenty of opportunity to customise your humble abode. If you've got some spare space and you're wondering what to do with, whether inside or out, why not create a home bar?

For some homeowners, the perfect way to unwindor entertain guests in their new home is by heading to their very own bar. Rather than having to head out for a drink, you can simply kick back in the comfort of your own home and enjoy a beer, wine or any other beverage you fancy.

Remember to stock your bar fridge with delicious non-alcoholic drinks as well - think orange juice, soda, ginger beer and cola. Here are some tips when installing a bar at home. 

Plan carefully

Before you start dreaming up elaborate ideas for a sleek marble countertop and racks for hanging glasses, take a step back and plan your home bar carefully.

For instance, if you intend to have a sink with running water, you'll need to account for this in your design. However, it may be a lot easier to simply have a container for dirty glassware to avoid having to rig up plumbing.

What you will definitely need to account for is space for a bar fridge and a power point this can link into. 

Integrate your design 

Does your home have a sleek Scandinavian vibe or have you adopted a more coastal-chic feel?

Be sure to design your home bar accordingly. The key components are the bench - either a freestanding island or a horseshoe shape - and plenty of bar stools. Investigate your storage options too - you'll want cupboards up high to keep liquor away from young children, while cupboards beneth the bar are handy as well.

Sleek and shiny countertops in black or red look striking, while wooden varieties are ideal if you want to adopt a more rustic look.

You'll need plenty of lights as well! Plus, if you've got the room, why not add a pool table for extra fun?