tips for increasing the effect of natural light in your home

Whether you've taken advantage of a narrow lot home plan or you've chosen an extensive single storey home design, one thing you'll enjoy in your new home is the wealth of natural light. Modern homes feature larger windows to increase the amount of illumination in the home during daylight hours, while double glazing means that they are thermally efficient.

However, if you live in a shady area, with tall buildings, hills or tall trees nearby, you may wish to look at home decorating and design tips to increase your daytime lighting.

Solar tubes

Solar tubes are like the little brother of skylights. Solar tubes are called many different things by various producers, including 'sun tunnels'. Requiring less work to install and maintain, these tubes redirect sunlight from outside into unlit areas of your home. You don't need a straight line from the ceiling to the roof, as the tube inner's reflective materials will bounce light around to where you need it.

About the size of a decorative light fitting, a solar tube will also fit into your home more easily than a skylight. With new varieties out there with energy-efficient LED lights to provide night time illumination, you can brighten up your home and seriously save on your energy costs.


Using reflective materials to bounce sunlight around is not a new idea - people have been doing this with mirrors for a very long time. As the trend of large ornate mirrors and upcycled frames continues to impress in magazine pages, it could be a great idea to use this to your advantage and increase the brightness of your home.

Hanging large mirrors with lightly coloured frames on a wall opposite a window will greatly enhance the amount of natural light in a room. This will also be true for when the room is illuminated by artificial light at night.

Light furniture

Lastly, using lightly coloured furniture, cushions, carpets and rugs will help to give your home a lighter, brighter, more spacious feel. Light shades throughout the home will increase the feeling of openness and space. When you sit down with an apg​ consultant to talk about design and new home building, make sure to talk about colour options as well.