Time saving hacks for kitchen prep

"Food, glorious food! Eat right through the menuuu," sang the cast of Oliver in the musical stage show based on Oliver Twist.

As much as we would love to get glorious food in our belly as soon as possible, doing the right cooking prep in the kitchen can take time. Make the process of making a meal in your new double storey home all the more enjoyable with these time saving hacks for kitchen prep!

1. Plan in advance

Having a solid meal plan finalised on the weekend, complete with grocery list, before you even bring out the chopping boards can help cut time out on busy weeknights. There are helpful online tools, such as downloadable meal-planning printable forms and recipes on Pinterest, to speed things up even more. 

2. Chop juicy fruits and vegetables inside an oven trey

Place a chopping board inside an oven tray, so the juices can flow into it instead of onto your kitchen benchtop. Rinse in the sink and save time with easy cleaning. 

3.  Freeze chopped vegetables

Shave off half the time of prepping meals by chopping in advance and freezing the veges. These are great for adding to mason jar salads for lunch - put your dressing, olive oil or vinaigrette on the bottom of a salad jar, add your veges, meat, nuts and beans next, and top up with leafy greens. Simply toss into a bowl upside down before lunch - no more soggy salads in Tupperware boxes! 

4. Read the entire recipe and directions before cooking 

Emilie Bousquet-Walshe, Chef de Cuisine of Go Burger Bar and Grill, says this is the most effective way of saving time. 

5. The freezer is your friend 

Finally, don't be afraid to prep, cook and freeze entire meals! It will mean less stress once you pop home from a busy day at work. Stock pile some snap-lock sealable bags and voila, easy dinners. 

Bon appetit!