three features for young professionals

A very specific acronym has been coined for homeowners with dual incomes and no kids - namely, DINKs. Young professionals or older couples without the responsibility of children and a wider financial net may be in a good position to renovate their home or even start from scratch.

There are three features these homeowners often seek, and if their present property isn't meeting their needs, a new home building could be a good option. 

Whether they undergo a demo and build project on an existing property or buy a new lot, there are many options available when it comes to looking at single or double storey home designs.

Open plan living

With children out of the picture, it can be easier to accommodate friends, whether it's for a casual weekend barbecue or a quiet dinner during the week. 

A home with open plan living elements can be a great feature for DINKs - entertaining is easy and these shared spaces receive lots of light.

Modern living rooms typically embrace the element of openness, while furniture, rugs and artwork can provide the ideal personal touch.

A crisp palate

While decorating children's bedrooms and play areas can sometimes result in pastel colour schemes, toys scattered around and miniature furniture, DINKs don't have to embrace such an approach. 

Instead, they can adopt a crisp palate throughout the home without worrying about the need to have kid-friendly zones. 

Cool whites with hints of navy or forest green tones make homes feel crisp and polished.

Meanwhile, luxury furniture in shades of cream or beige are also a realistic option, given that there won't be any small grubby hands to dirty them!

A home office

Many of apg homes' unique designs have multiple bedrooms, but that doesn't mean they're only for parents and children. 

In fact, a dual income, no kids couple may want to have a dedicated office space at home - whether they're self-employed or catching up on work from home.

Better yet, this space can accommodate a fold-out bed should any visitors need somewhere to stay.

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