Summer living, had me a blast: Summer-ready home decor

Summer in Perth is a sublime, sizzling, spectacular season - our city is blessed by pristine shimmering beaches and sparkling aquamarine seas.

Many of our apg homes two-storey display houses are built along the coastal corridors of Perth to take full advantage of the city's seaside beauty. These houses are located within walking distance of beaches and green parks, and you can pop in to see them during the opening hours from 2-5pm on Monday to Wednesday, or from 1-5pm on the weekends. 

When it comes to enjoying summer, though, it's not just the outdoors that can enjoy a sun-kissed glow. Your interior design and home decor can also feel warm with a seasonal update of bright, vibrant colours that sing of summer!

Here are some handy decor tips inspired by the season, shared in the lyrics from the iconic song "Summer Nights" from the 1978 musical film Grease!

Summer sun, something's begun

Begin your decoration revamp by replacing your curtains, choosing light textiles such as cotton so more air can breathe through and enter the room for a cooling breeze. Adding a sheer lining behind them will also let more light into the open-plan living areas of your home. 

We went strolling, drank lemonade

Re-upholstering cushions in juicy fabric colours will remind you of cool, refreshing beverages. Think tangerine orange tones, lemon yellow hues and watermelon red shades when you're picking out the materials. These pops of accent colours instantly update any room to suit a summer theme.

Tell me more, tell me more

To complement your cushions, pick ceramic vases, coasters and other smaller decorative objects in similar vibrant colours and place them around the house. An expert tip on spreading accent colours around the home is to follow the 60-30-10 rule of interior design. This means 60 per cent of the room should be a dominant colour, 30 per cent a secondary colour and only 10 per cent should make up the accent colour. Let your fruity fantasy colours be the accent.

Summer nights

All of apg designs come with an alfresco dining area in the backyard. These spaces are typically surrounded by professionally landscaped gardens, making them ideal spots for summer dinner parties in the balmy evenings. String fairy lights through the trees and the roof of the pergola for a magical, whimsical lit-up venue for summer nights. 

Under the dock

Martha Stewart's website also recommends using sailor stripes as much as possible for a quintessential summer look - stock up on striped table cloths, duvet covers, blankets and throws!

Down in the sand

Think of classic beach textures to inspire your decor. Collect sand and seashells, put them in mason jars and use these DIY decorations as centrepieces on tables. You can also create nautical-inspired lanterns, winding rope or twine around the lid of a mason jar and keeping wax candles inside. A small silver anchor charm hanging from the rope will complete the look!