stylish childproofing ideas for your home

Raising a family is a joy, but you've got to keep an eye out for the little ones. Childproofing your home is a reality of being a parent, with young minds finding holes in walls a fascinating curiosity - rather than a potential danger.

Equally, stairs turn into an adventure, when they can be unsafe territory for tots learning how to stand on their own two feet. However, you don't need to ditch the double storey home design dream just because you're raising a family.

In fact, a two-storey builder is often a better option than a single-level home, given the extra space and numerous rooms you'll have. Here are some childproofing ideas for your home that are not just practical, but also stylish.

Oversize pouffe

A pouffe is for your feet, right?

That's not necessarily true. A coffee table might seem like a must in your living room, but if it's got sharp edges, kids could hurt themselves badly should they trip and fall in its vicinity.

Instead, an oversize pouffe that is firm enough - and large enough - to hold magazines or trays of food and drink can be a stylish alternative. Otherwise, a soft storage cube can be used for the same purpose. 

Hanging plants

You might wonder how hanging plants are a childproof item. 

In themselves, they're not designed to make your home safer. However, they are a much better alternative to potted plants placed in your living room outdoor spaces. 

Such plants can be pulled over by little hands, leading to possible injuries or soiled carpet. Instead, have hanging plants in your home's entryway for a touch of nature that's not going to be touched by curious kids.

Discrete television lock

If you're concerned about oversize items in your home, there are some clever but discrete products available. 

One option when it comes to catching up on the news or your favourite television series is to invest in a wall-mountable television. However, if this isn't possible or doesn't suit your personal design tastes, purchase a television lock.

This is attached to the wall at one end and the television at the other and prevents what can be a very heavy piece of equipment toppling forward.

Because it's fitted immediately behind the television, it's a simple yet stylish solution.