style your open-plan living space

In many homes, the kitchen, living room and dining room are separated - some homeowners like the clear divisions between spaces, depending on their purposes.

However, there has been a growing trend for couples and families building new homes to throw this aside and instead focus on open-plan living.

It's no wonder - this kind of interior design makes for easy living and allows parents to monitor what kids are up to easily. A large, open-plan space with plenty of windows will seem open and light, too. 

But you might be wondering - how do you style it? Whether you've got a single or double storey house plan, here are some tips for making the most of your open living space.


Follow this tip to a degree - you don't want to create an open-plan living space that looks too uniform.

However, you can ensure the space is integrated by keeping your wall colour and flooring identical throughout. If you add colourful accents - from vases to artwork - make sure they work together in the space. 

One way to achieve consistency is to select two, three or four colours to embrace throughout the space. From dining table chairs to living area rugs, pick furniture and accessories based on your chosen colour palette, whether you love earthy tones or neon hues.

Want the space to flow properly? Invest in a rug that cuts from the living room to the dining area or from the kitchen to the dining space. It will bring the different areas together in a measured way.


If you're concerned about overloading your hybrid kitchen-living room-dining area, consider going back to basics. 

Pick a single, statement piece of artwork, embrace neutral hues and opt for furniture that's about function rather than form. 

Sometimes, a stripped-back approach can result in a truly stunning space. Plus, with minimal accessories and light shades on the wall - think grey, cream or white - the space will seem a lot roomier.