apg style series: country/vintage

Selecting your new home design is just the beginning of creating your dream home. 

In order to put those perfect finishing touches on your newly built house, you'll need to give careful thought to the kind of interior aesthetic to make it your home.

Here at apg homes we're dedicated to offering unique and helpful home decorating ideas to ensure your new home reflects your personality and taste. Each month we present a fresh design trend as part of our innovative Style Series. 

If you're all about comfort and natural materials, the country/vintage style might just be for you.

What is country/vintage design?

Whether you refer to it as the country aesthetic or vintage design, this home decorating trend has plenty of followers - and for good reason, too. 

Embracing a neutral colour palette is a must to truly adopt this aesthetic in your home. Think shades like beige, brown, slate, green, tan, grey and amber. 

Timber flooring, wrought iron furniture and artificial rust finishes add a weathered, lived-in, homely look. When it comes to fabrics, think about using plenty of linen, cotton, hemp and - if you're so inclined - animal hides.

Country/vintage design in your home

Don't hold back when embracing the vintage aesthetic in your home. It's something that works most effectively if you incorporate it throughout the property, from shared living spaces to bathrooms and bedrooms.

Timber floors shouldn't be too glossy, but ensure they've got the appropriate protectant on them to keep them in good condition. 

A timber kitchen island looks striking, but concrete works equally well. Have a hunt around your local flea markets for second hand furniture that's a little bit weathered but full of character. This will only add to the effect.

Alternatively, you can take to tables and chairs with some medium grade sandpaper in a haphazard manner to achieve that vintage style.

Freestanding lamps, warm rugs and comfortable chairs will finish the look off.

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