streamlined planning rules to hit WA

Those considering a new home building project in Perth are in luck.

Changes to Western Australia's planning rules are set to make home ownership cheaper and easier for those turning single and double storey house plans into physical structures in the years to come, with the second phase of massive scale reform being introduced following the launch of the first phase in 2009.

Planning Minister John Day has called the reform the largest in the state since 1963 in an August 12 statement.

"This much needed reform will support a more streamlined planning system to ensure quality outcomes with shorter timeframes and quicker decisions. This will be achieved by realigning and simplifying the statutory processes required to re-zone land for housing and economic development at all stages of the planning process," Mr Day stated.

A number of changes are set to make the property building process much easier. For instance, greater attention will be awarded to complex urban infill and high-density developments. The Metropolitan Region Scheme and Local Planning Schemes will be concurrently amended, while Development Applications will be processed consistently across various local governments.

R-code compliant properties will benefit from the reform, too.

"Changes to the Model Scheme Text, the template for local government schemes, will create consistency across all councils.  Currently 11 of the 30 metropolitan councils still require planning approval for single houses.  A change to the text will ensure all R-Code compliant single houses are now exempt, saving time and money for prospecitve home owners," Mr Day explained.

The changes have been praised by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA).

"Combined, these changes will see a significant reduction in timelines for development which should roll through to cost savings for home buyers," said UDIA Chief Executive Debra Goostrey in statement yesterday.