storage tips for your walk-in wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is a desirable feature in many single-storey or double-storey home designs. This convenient space gives you the perfect place to keep all your clothing and shoes organised and ensure they are well cared for. 

However, one pitfall many homeowners experience with walk-in wardrobes is that they don't use this storage space to its full potential. Read on for some tips to help you make the most of your wardrobe and ensure you stay organised.

A place for everything

One common problem that people with walk-in closets experience is that they have more storage space than they know what to do with! As a result, clutter can build up.

Fortunately, this can easily be avoided when you incorporate the right storage solutions into your new home building plans. Small drawers can help you keep track of items that cannot be hung in the closet, and appropriate shelving can give you a place to display your shoes so you can quickly and easily see which pair you need.

Even stocking up on small, but necessary items, such as hangers, can ensure that you can quickly and easily put everything away in its proper place.

Storage by season

As the seasons change, you may find yourself gravitating to different types of clothing - cosy knits for the winter months and lighter layers when the weather heats up.

You may find it helpful to rotate the clothes in your wardrobe with the seasons, placing the items you are likely to wear most frequently near the front where you can easily access them.

Rotating your clothes in this way can also help prevent clutter build-up and ensure you are only keeping items that you actually use and wear. At the end of each season, you can re-evaluate each piece and determine whether or not you want to keep it. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven't worn it in six months, it may be time to donate it to a second-hand clothing store.