start the new year fresh - tips for redecorating your home

Last year was great - but this year's going to be better. So why settle for the same home decor? A new start in 2015 can be kick-started by making sure your home matches your mood and ambitions for the year. So, why not redecorate your home to complement your New Year's resolutions? It's certainly harder to ignore them that way!

Here's a rundown of common resolutions, and how redecorating can help you to achieve them.

Get fit

Doesn't this sound familiar? Perhaps it was your goal last year as well! Giving yourself opportunities to exercise and eat better at home will help you to stay motivated. Firstly, can you incorporate some kind of exercise equipment in your redecorating? If you've gone with a narrow lot home design, you probably have plenty of backyard, so this could be a great place to start.

Rather than invest in expensive gym equipment which can be depressing to look at, go for outdoor furniture that can double as exercise platforms. A picnic table or benches can be used for tricep dips, step ups, elevated push ups and more.

Inside the home, replace cookie jars with fruit bowls - with real fruit in them. Why not try a visible reminder of your goals and progress? A coat of chalkboard paint can be used to turn a wall or even your fridge into a scoreboard for your progress.

Learn a language or instrument

It's never too late to pick up something new, but it can get harder as you get older. Learning a language or an instrument is a great way to exercise the brain, making it a perfect New Year's resolution.

If you're looking at a language, why not incorporate a theme in your home that resonates with the country that language is from? If you're interested in French, perhaps a provincial and antique them to get you motivated? Or maybe an African theme, representing French-speaking countries like Tunisia or Madagascar.

Replacing books on your shelf with publications in the language you want to learn will encourage you to absorb it more. And if you're planning on picking up an instrument, maybe change your music collection around to incorporate the style of music you would like to learn how to play.

Some classical instruments are ideal for incorporating into your decor. Items like pianos, saxophones and cellos all add infinite class to your living areas and should be on display. Complement these with dark woods, velvety textures and reds and purples for a luxurious feel.

Instruments like drums, keyboards and electric guitars could warrant dedicating an entire room to musical madness - consider converting part of your office or study into a music room. This will give you somewhere to go and concentrate. If you have separate accommodation, like a granny flat, that isn't being used, this could be even better, as it will allow the rest of the family to continue about their day in peace.

Stress less

Reducing stress is a big one, especially if you have an executive level job or if your job involves dealing with people all day. So how can you make your home a temple of serenity, so that you are instantly relaxed when you walk through the door?

Cool and calming colours are an obvious one, but make sure everyone in the house agrees first. What suits you may not be ideal for your spouse. You may even agree on a theme that you both find relaxing, such as a rural or coastal motif.

Another key way to reduce stress is to reduce stuff. Removing unnecessary clutter from your home will mean that it seems less busy when you walk in. It also means less time spent cleaning home, which couldn't hurt either.