stairway to heaven: beautiful ways to decorate your stairs

coloured staircaseWhile the upper and lower storeys of your home are valued spots in their own right, it's important not to neglect the staircase.

Acting as the bridge between the lower living level and the second-floor bedroom level in double storey home designs, your staircase is an important transition point. 

Put some serious thought into how to decorate your staircase and you could transform your home. 

Staggered artwork

The addition of a series of small watercolours or prints is an inexpensive yet visually stunning way to breathe life to your staircase.

Place them on the wall of the staircase - either go evenly spaced for a more utilitarian look or place them at random intervals and heights for a more nonchalant approach.

It's a numbers game

numbered staircaseIf you're looking at double storey home plans in order to provide the right environment for a growing family, decorated steps can excite kids without being overly intrusive. 

Staircases that have ample rise height provide the perfect canvas. For instance, paint numbers in ascending order from bottom to top in a contrasting colour to the wood, or affix bold felt numbers if your stairs are carpeted. 

Children can practise their counting skills as they climb the staircase each night on their way to bed, making bedtime more fun. 

Bold accents

When it comes to making a statement, consider bold colour contrasts on your staircase. 

Whether you're using paint on wood or various carpeting options, you can add a splash of colour to the area. 

Think dark colours for the tread and paint or carpet a few shades lighter for the steps' height. Or opt for bold colours, such as teal or vermilion, to really make an impact.

Consider setting up a side table at the foot of the staircase with a vase in a complementary colour to make the area truly welcoming.


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