spring into outdoor living

You can't help but smile when Spring makes itself known. 

The weather starts to warm up, flowers pop up and there's a general sense of joy. When it comes to your home, you'll want to be prepared for Spring and the outdoor living that comes with it. 

Here are some essentials for outdoor living during arguably the most enjoyable season of the year.

Swing around

Whether you've got ample garden space or just a little, consider installing a hammock or swinging chair.

If you've got an alfresco area, consider attaching a hammock from the beams or simply use a freestanding design.

These clever outdoor features are favourites among adults and kids alike, and are perfect whether you're building a new home or have been living at your property for a while and want to add a homely touch.

Sit back and relax

Nothings quite as relaxing as sinking back into a low chair with a fresh drink or some afternoon tea. 

Cape cod chairs are available in an array of colours, as well as simple white. They'll add a splash of springtime charm to your backyard and ensure you can relax in comfort!

Throw a few waterproof cushions in the mix to make your outdoor furniture extra cosy.

Get structural

When building a new home, you'll no doubt be thinking about your outdoor features as much as what's in your interior.

Consider setting up a pergola and alfresco in your backyard for a gorgeous, family-friendly outdoor space.

Dine outside

Finally, you can't go past Springtime dining. 

Invest in an outdoor dining table and chairs or bench seats so you can enjoy meals alfresco style during the warm Spring months.

You might like to place this key furniture in a covered area. Alternatively, invest in a table with a hole for a heavy duty shade umbrella, to protect yourself from the sun.