soak up these summer colour trends

Spring is a popular time for buying property or building a new home. For many homeowners, a simple home aesthetic of wooden floorboards and off-white walls will do the trick.

However for other families and couples, a home that's bursting with vibrant colours and accessories is a must! Perhaps you're investigating double storey home designs and want to go for a neutral vibe on the lower level and brighter shades on the second storey.

Alternatively, you might elect to keep the walls a cool white or warm cream and decorate your living area and kitchen with colourful accessories and furniture. 

However you choose to put the finishing touches on your new home, be sure to consider these summer colour trends! Bold shades are very much in, while lighter hues are still standing their ground.

Inviting indigo and sultry cerulean

If you're ready for a sophisticated living room aesthetic, but still want a touch of playfulness, have some fun with indigo and cerulean. 

These shades of purple and blue, respectively, are fantastic picks for walls. Given they're somewhat rich shades, they're best used in rooms with large sliding doors, big windows or skylights - the natural light will help open up the space. 

These hues are also perfect choices for the bedroom.

Alternatively, pick furniture with lush fabrics - such as velvet - in these shades. Paint the walls a buttery cream to inject a bit of warmth into the space and hang artwork, which has touches of these sophisticated shades, on the walls.

Another option is to pair cerulean with fresher, lighter shades of blue. 

Totally turquoise

Sure, it's another shade of blue.

However, turquoise deserves recognition of its own - this vivacious hue is making waves in interior design circles, and it's not hard to see why.

It adds sass to any room - add a glossy kitchen splashback or invest in living room accessories such as vases and cushions in this delightful colour.

The trick with turquoise is to not overdo it. Use it to draw attention to features in any room, but don't embrace it as an all-over shade. Opt for neutral colours such as slate and cream for carpets, walls and curtains. This ensures you obtain a fun look, while remaining somewhat sensible - plus, you'll get maximum contrast too!

Groovy grey

Black and white are staple colours in home design. 

However, more and more homeowners are opting for something in the middle: grey. 

From deep slate to much lighter hues, so you're sure to find the right shade for any room of the house. You can play up various shades against one another as well.

Grey is an excellent pick if you're thinking of embracing the minimalist aesthetic, too. If you go down this route, be sure to finish the look off with a single statement piece of artwork or furniture in a bold shade of red, cornflower blue or violet.

You can make grey stand out by embracing various textures, from shaggy rugs to smooth lamps.

Brass band

It's not a colour as such, but brass accessories are increasingly popular when it comes to home design.

Whether it's a polished bed head or a unique lamp, incorporating brass into your furniture and accessory selections is worth considering.

Of course, you've got to pair it with the right colours for the ultimate impact. Tan carpet and white walls are a great pick. In the bedroom, slat blinds will finish the look off, while navy floor-to-ceiling curtains in the living room will add a feeling of luxury.