Smart additions to your kitchen

Here at apg Homes, our motto is to design and build with intelligence. Our team of architects and builders unleash their inner Einstein, drawing on years of industry experience and expertise when they put together the plans for our double-storey homes.

So, in the spirit of smartness, what additions can streamline activity in the kitchen and make life all that sweeter? Here are a few clever concoctions.

Overhead cupboards

Storage for the clunky, big utensils or appliances that you hardly ever use (looking at you, cake-pop machine) shouldn't eat up precious space. Install overhead cupboards for these items and keep other seasonal cooking equipment here when it's not the right time of year for those. 

Microwave recess

For a slick, clean look, recess your microwave into the wall or a shelf for a wide, spacious kitchen benchtop. If you're a fan of minimalist design, place the microwave, kettle and other electrical appliances inside sliding door cupboards so they are out of sight. 

Grocery bay

A clever house layout would keep the garage door near the kitchen entrance, beside an alcove and thin corridor table as a bay for plopping down the bags. This is exactly how we have organised some of our designs, but you can get the practical yet stylish look by keeping a long, narrow table by the garage door for grocery unloading.

Pot drawers

Custom design your kitchen drawer heights so that some bigger bottom drawers are especially for pots, while higher narrow drawers are for cutlery and smaller cooking tools - keep these in drawer dividers for added organisational joy and time-saving savvy storage. 

Slimline cabinets 

Waste no space! A thin, slim vertical drawer can be added to the leftover spaces beside dishwashers or refrigerators. These are ideal for keeping tall bottles or bin bags.

Built-in wine rack

Modern cupboards with small square cut shelves are ideal for horizontally keeping wine bottles, especially if you line up your crystal glasses beside the vino.