setting your pool location: backyard aspects to consider

Pools are a great fixture of any Australian home, and can be the focus of many entertaining parties during the warmer summer months. Naturally, there are a number of things to consider before committing to the idea, and the most important could be its location in your backyard.

Proximity to your property

While it may seem like a great idea to place your pool relatively close to the external walls of your home, this could be undermined by the the extra costs and engineering associated with the preparation and installation of the pool.

Furthermore, with water splashing up against your walls, there could be an increased degree of cleaning involved, in order to avoid water stains and other unsightly affiliations from affecting your external walls.

Safety issues

You will need to seek council approval before installing the pool, and one of the main areas of concern is accessibility - especially for small, unsupervised children. While you will be required to have a fence and gate installed around the perimeter of the pool, the council will also take into consideration any overhanging trees or other structures that could potentially be used to circumvent the enclosure. This could be something to consider when developing your house plans.

Shaded areas

If you're installing the pool away from your home, it's important to factor in protection from the sun during summer swimming sessions. While it may be possible to place the pool underneath an unscalable tree, chances are it will be easier to install something a shade structure.

Building an awning or permanent gazebo could be a solution: it will provide shade for you and your guests while providing a nice, sociable area to relax and enjoy the pool and weather without fear of burning.

For information on planning for the installation of a pool for your new home read our whitepaper or speak with an apg building and design consultant