running a business from home

Having the freedom to work from home is an attractive prospect for many homeowners.

Perhaps you're building a new home and are pondering your home office options. With apg, there are plenty of ways you can run a business from home. 

Many double storey home designs include plenty of bedrooms and specialist rooms, making it easy to incorporate a home office. However, if you want a more defined space, consider adding a mypod to your home plan.

Why add a mypod?

Think of a mypod as a granny flat. Except, it's one that's got the same exceptional design standards of the rest of your new property. 

When you consider the overall cost of a home building project, the additional cost of adding a mypod is certainly worth the immense benefits you'll receive.

A mypod is separate to your property, making it the perfect addition if you're currently running a business from home or plan to do so in the future. You'll appreciate the privacy a mypod affords, without having to step off your lot!

How should I fit out a mypod?

If you're running a business from home, you'll need to have a reliable internet connection and the appropriate equipment. 

According to You Compare, Telstra's Belong 250 GB broadband plan is a popular choice among Perth residents. If the rest of the family is going to be chewing through your data, be sure to sign up to a plan that will keep your business running without any hiccups - think high speeds and plenty of data!

You may want to set up a separate phone line in your mypod office, too.

Don't skimp on quality furniture, particularly if clients are going to drop by. Comfortable seating is a must, while ample storage is essential. If your business has a creative slant, you might like to have an expansive desk. For others, a small desk space is sufficient, provided there's plenty of built-in storage.

To see a mypod in all its glory check out our Panorama display home here.