reducing red tape in WA construction

A November 18 announcement by Western Australia's Planning Minister, John Day is welcome news to the construction industry and those building new homes. Mr Day released details of planning reforms which could reduce the time to build a new home or renovate by up to two months.

Up to one third of the 30 metropolitan councils in Western Australia require planning approval for single houses, even if they are compliant with the residential design codes (R-Code).

Mr Day intends to remove this approval process, while still requiring the need for building permits. Removing this bureaucratic step will not only shave off time for home owners and renovators, but will also increase consistency between different local councils. This will be great news for builders in Perth and the rest of the state.

Real Estate Institute of Western Australia President, David Airey noted that this could translate into significant savings for home owners and builders.

"These are excellent steps to improve and speed-up the building process that will potentially save home builders thousands of dollars in interest and rent bills because their new house can be built more quickly," said Mr Airey. 

While the benefit to those building their dream home or adding an R-Code compliant granny flat is obvious, there is also a far-wider reaching implication as well. As economical and political resources are less constrained, there could be other areas of growth in the state and local municipalities.

"The changes will also free up scarce planning resources and allow councils to focus their attention on strategic planning matters and more complex development proposals," said Housing Institute Association WA Executive Director, John Gelavis.

According to the Property Council of Australia reforms such as those proposed by Mr Day will go a long way to helping the state meet its growth challenges.

The outlook for construction and those building their dream home in Perth or the surrounding areas is very bright.