protecting your home: security options for new properties

One thing to consider when creating your double story house plans is security. Protecting your new investment, as well as all your belongings, is an important thing to take to heart. There are a wide range of different options for you to think about, each with their own benefits.

Alarm System

Increasingly popular across the nation, installing a home alarm system is a great way to alert the neighbourhood if someone enters your home illegally.

These systems often consist of a keypad near the main entrances of the home, allowing you to enable the system when you leave and disable it when you come home.

Furthermore, the sensitivity can often be adjusted. If you have pets that can come freely in and out of the house, this should be a feature you look into. Otherwise you may find yourself annoying your neighbours every time your cat or dog enters the house.


Having a fence around your property is another way to help deter criminals and aid the protection effort of your home.

These don't necessarily have to be a traditional fence either; many people these days are opting to have hedges grown around their backyards, providing protection and privacy while remaining environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, having a gate that can be locked is another obstacle and deterrent for those looking for an easy target, especially if the fence is electronic and requires either a key or a code to open.

Guard Dog

Finally, if you're willing to have a pet on your property, getting a guard dog is another way to stop people coming into your home in their tracks. Even if the animal isn't inherently violent, the presence of a dog is usually enough of a deterrent on its own.

If you've been looking for a reason to commit to a pet dog, this could help you to justify the adoption of a new four-legged member of the family.

Image source finder.com.au