plotting your electrical layout: things to consider

Electricity is the backbone of our modern society. Without it, we wouldn't be able to do many of the things we take for granted everyday - boil the jug, make toast or browse the internet.

Therefore, when it comes to creating your double storey house plans, taking the time to properly plot the location of power points is essential to providing the amount of electricity needed for comfortable living.

For example, in your kitchen you will want to ensure you have enough power outlets to cope with the amount of use that the room will get.

During the hectic morning rush, when you have people running around getting ready for school and work, being able to have the toaster, jug, microwave and other appliances all running simultaneously will make your life much easier than trying to cram everything around a single, two-socket power point.

Likewise, in rooms where there will be a lot of entertaining going on, having an abundance of power points is better than having too few. Aside from the essentials for your television and stereo systems, what about accommodating for laptops, phone chargers, gaming consoles and more?

Placing these outlets near the centre of their respective walls can help to increase accessibility, by aiding your ability to plug things in from either side of the room with relative ease, rather than restricting yourself to extremes of one side or another.

A quick tip for those hoping to build an expansive outdoor entertainment area: having a power point located close to a door or window will make running cords for portable music systems and other popular party appliances much easier  - they won't have to snake through your home.

These are the types of things you can discuss with your apg homes prestart expert, in order to make your home as comfortable and functional as possible.