planning a garden from scratch

Seeing your single or double storey home design go from start to finish is an exciting process, and you'll want to be sure that the finishing touches complement your house's overall aesthetic.

Shrubs, flowers and trees can bring extra character to outdoor spaces, creating a beautiful haven for you and your family. If you're purchasing an off the plan home in Perth, consider how your garden will be arranged around your property.

Planning your garden

Electing to demolish and build? If so, you have plenty of choices available when it comes to planning your garden.

If you spend a lot of time indoors, a larger living room with a low-maintenance garden at the back might be a smart option. However, if you're planning on soaking up sunshine or have a bit of a green thumb, you might like to create an inviting garden space on the street-front with a space at the rear for dining al fresco.

Know your soil

Growing vegetables and herbs is a fulfilling process but be sure there's adequate water and sunlight as well as healthy soil.

The site needs to be well-drained with no history of soil diseases, according to the government of Western Australia's Department of Agriculture and Food (DAF).

As well as providing shelter from the wind, you'll also want to ensure that the soil's pH level is between 6 and 7. These slightly-acidic-to-neutral conditions are ideal for gardening and you can test acidity with an inexpensive kit from a local gardening shop.

Don't fret if the soil doesn't fall within this pH range, however. The DAF suggests adding sulphur to overly alkaline soils, or liming soils that are too acidic.

It's also suggested that vegetables receive six hours of sunshine per day. Consider the location of pre-existing buildings and evergreen trees around your boundaries, as these may block crucial sunlight.