Perth is a top destination for new home building

The last year has been a phenomenal time in the construction industry, and Perth builders have been in the thick of it. The Housing Industry Association reports a new record high for dwelling approvals - 214,331. In other good news, the rate of approvals for freestanding houses has increased appreciably.

"Strengthening activity in detached house building is crucial to broadening the base of the new home building recovery which has been largely contained to the multi-unit market to date. It is important that policy settings allow the expansion in detached house building to deliver on its full economic potential," said HIA Senior Economist Shane Garrett.

It would appear that Western Australia, and Perth in particular, is a popular destination for those building new two storey homes. New research from CoreLogic RP Data shows five out of the top 20 regions for detached house approvals in the 2014-15 financial year to April have been located in WA.

Out of all Statistical Area 4 regions (SA4s), Perth held positions number three, four, five and seven, with approvals concentrated in the northwest, southeast, southwest and northeast respectively.

Bunbury was the other Western Australian entry in the top 20, with 1,567 houses approved.

According to CoreLogic RP Data, Perth was one of only three major cities to have more houses approved than apartments, although the WA capital didn't do too badly in the units department either.

Two WA regions made the top 20 for unit approvals, and these were southeast and inner Perth.

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