Perth shines in the State of Australian Cities 2014-15 report

Australian cities have been booming lately, both economically and socially. Sunny Perth is among those shining brightly, according to the latest data in the State of Australian Cities 2014-15 report.

Compiled by the Australian government's Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, this report highlighted the growing population of the country. Since 2013, the national population has grown by around 400,000 people, bringing the total to 23.6 million Aussies. What's even more interesting is that over 60 per cent of the total population lives within the five biggest cities, including Perth. 

Perth is the fastest-growing city

Great news, people of Perth! The research showed that our city has been the fastest-growing over the last decade, with an expansion of over 30 per cent. To put this number in perspective, other cities who are also within the fastest-growing category only swelled by 20 per cent from 2004 onwards. 

In particular, there has been strong fringe growth in Perth's southern outskirts suburb of Baldivis. This neck of Perth's woods became home for another 3,200 people between 2012 and 2013, while the north-eastern area of Ellenbrook wasn't far behind, with a growth of 2,500 residents. That's not to say the inner city wasn't a popular spot, as the region also increased by 1,700 people over the same time period. 

With all this growth comes a boom in housing construction, as the bigger population is planning to build homes and settle along our sun-kissed streets. 

Perth will soon have even more smiling faces around

According to the report's population projections, Greater Perth will be home to 3,248,550 people by the year 2031. Fast forward another few decades to 2061, and the number is set to increase even further, expected to be around 5,451,406 people. Now, that is a lot of homes! We are looking forward to seeing this city blossom. 

Just to emphasise how incredible this boom is, the report stated these numbers equal a 187 per cent growth from the 2012 base population as per data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 

In fact, if these projections become a reality by the year 2061, Perth will surpass the population of Brisbane and take its place as the third most populous city of Australia. 

Hurray for construction and builders in Perth 

In terms of economic success, the report also noted that construction in Perth was one of the main industry contributors to job growth. This sector has been providing jobs to many Aussies, making it an important part not only of the Western Australian economy but also that of the entire country. Three cheers for this industry! Putting the 'per' in perfect Perth.

We hope all this research has put you in a good mood after reading all about how well Perth is performing on a national stage.