outdoor water features 101

Moving into a new home may lead to conjure up images of beautifully decorated shared areas, stunning bedrooms and a kitchen with all the mod cons.

A double storey home design offers the perfect canvas to bring your interior design ideas alive. However, be sure to extend your flair for decorating to your property's exterior, too.

Here's a guide to some popular water features that many homeowners include in their backyards.

Miniature rock fountain

Fountains add a splash of glamour, but you don't want to spending too much time on maintenance.

A small rock fountain adds a delightful touch to any garden, without requiring intensive upkeep. You'll need to consider placement carefully - do you want it to act as a focal point or just another element in a garden that embraces multiple water features.

Rock pool

This feature requires a bit more work - you'll have to dig out a cavity in the ground and line it, before filling it with water. 

However, if the thought of having a pond with fish darting around appeals, a rock pool could be the perfect water feature for your new home building's garden.

Head along to your local garden centre to discuss the possibilities with an expert. If you've got young children, you'll need to ensure the pool is appropriately fenced.

Fence-side waterfall

Again, this is a water feature requiring a bit of groundwork.

However, the gentle trickle of water falling down a stone wall is all worth it. Constructing this water feature against one side of your property is a smart move in order to maximise your outdoor space. Of course, with a double storey home, your backyard size can be a lot bigger than with a single storey property. 

You'll need to consider the mechanics behind this and make sure the waterfall is placed in close proximity to a water supply.

An alternative to a horizontal stream of water is a series of decorative pipes from which water flows.