Open plan bliss: how to display furniture in this style

Ah, open plan living.

It's a hallmark of the modern interior design movement, celebrating wide open spaces and easy flow in a home. Here at apg homes, our new two storey homes already come with open plan living in mind thanks to spacious lounges built adjacent to entertainment-style kitchens and large dining areas.

Sliding glass patio doors look out towards the lush green backyard, creating an airy atmosphere in the home. Adding to this seamless sense of space are generous alfresco decks, and some of our display homes such as the Cove even have a picturesque pergola nestled outside for a cuppa in the evening among the blooming flowers. 

You might be moving into one of these beauties, empty and waiting for you to put your own personal stamp on the space with furniture choices. But, there are ways you can lay out your swanky sofa and charming coffee table to complement the existing open plan floorplan. Here are our top tips for achieving this look. 

Create symmetry

Geometry may have been the bane of your existence in maths class, but it's your best friend when it comes to open plan layouts. Place your sofa parallel to the kitchen island, with the coffee table perfectly centred beside it.

It might be better to get a rectangular or square shaped one, to keep the lines neat throughout. However, if you prefer round tables (maybe because in your heart you're a Knight of the Templar), a nice, organic way to break up the symmetry is by using natural shapes such as a wooden tree trunk coffee table. You can never go wrong with nature. 

Befriend backless barstools

Choosing barstools without a backrest helps keep the kitchen-to-lounge line uninterrupted. Many barstools come in bright pops of colour these days, and can brighten the space. Equally, you can go for a more sophisticated look by using white leather seats with stainless steel bases. 

Rug room 

Using rugs or floor mats can help designate a new 'room' even though there aren't any walls. Keep a patterned floor mat under your dining table and chairs so that area is clearly marked as its own space. Similarly, a soft shaggy rug under the sofa will not only keep your toes happy but also look chic with the lounge furniture. 

In line, all fine 

Carrying a single line all the way through the flow helps make it seem even longer, so keep your outdoor furniture on the deck parallel to your dining table. This extended line helps the eye look out from inside the house towards the green gardens too, which is an uplifting and healthy view. 

Artistic alignment 

Just like rugs and mats delineate space on the ground, artwork on the walls can signpost the theme and ambiance of that area of the open plan. Lounge artworks can be bold, large abstracts in warm tones of paint. Meanwhile, kitchen art could be more sculptural, such as glass-blown fruit bowls or ceramic vases. 

How do you plan to do up your new abode?