New year, new home - do you have your plan sorted?

If your New Year's Resolution is to build a new home this year, then you have a lot of planning and strategic saving to do. New Year's resolutions are tricky to stick to at the best of times, with Forbes reporting that just 8 per cent of people worldwide actually follow through with their goals. So, if your mission for 2016 is to buy a home, now is an ideal time to work out the nuts and bolts of your construction, pun intended! 

Financial planning

Back in 2015 we shared an article on financial saving tips from Richard Velliaris, Home Loan Specialist at Resolve Finance. Richard has worked in this role for over a decade and is the recommended Home Loan Specialist for apg Homes.

Refresh your memory by checking out his gems of advice, many of which draw on his industry knowledge. For instance, Richard noted that many self-employed people write-off a lot of their expenses, meaning on paper they have no taxable income leftover, yet, need to show income in order to service a loan.

No matter what stage of the savings process you're at, take advantage of the free consultation session with Resolve Finance to kickstart your 2016 home-buying plan. Why not make spending less, saving more your resolution for 2016 as well? If you do so, you'll be just like 25 per cent of the global population, according to Nielsen's consumer research on the top trending resolutions for this year. 

Clever use of existing materials

If it isn't broken, why fix it? There are plenty of materials in your current home that you could salvage if you decide to demolish and build a new home. 

"Roughly half the costs of a remodel are for materials, so it pays to be mindful of potential pitfalls," said Kenny Grono in a Contractors Tips article for Houzz magazine. 

You could end up saving significant sums of money by carefully selecting items to keep. Marble stone kitchen benchtops, antique fireplaces or other characteristic features can be preserved during the demolition phase and re-installed into your new home. Think outside the box - old wooden doors can be turned horizontal to create unique headboards above the beds in your new abode.

Take inspiration from award-winning designs

Of course, your decision making can be simplified by choosing a display home design as the basis to spring your ideas off. Here at apg Homes, we have a wide array of award-winning single and double storey display homes in Perth, both north and south of the river. Pop in and have a look around to see the spacious open plan layout, entertainment-style kitchens, generous master bedrooms and luxurious landscaping to name but a few features. It will help you to physically be in the space and tangibly picture what your new home could look like once completed. 

For more information about new home building, speak to an apg Building Consultant today on (08) 9208 9000 or visit our Display Homes which are open Mondays & Wednesday 2-5pm and Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays 1-5pm. View thier locations here!