new opportunities chug into Perth

Recent developments relating to transport and land in Perth make the city an attractive option for home buyers or those building a new home. 

The northern Perth suburb of Butler is home to a new train station, which has opened ahead of schedule, while a plan to sell state land could help with dwelling choice and affordability.

Better links for north Perth residents

A $221 million rail extension to connect Butler with the Perth CBD has opened earlier than anticipated, with the first scheduled service running earlier this month.

Along with the 7.5km extension, Butler is now home to a new station, which will help ease congestion at nearby stations and key roads. Previously, train users would have to venture to stations at Currambine or Clarkson. It's also been dubbed a "more convenient public transport option" for those living in the area by Transport Minister Dean Nalder.

"The station is fully integrated with multiple feeder bus services, has 900 car bays, is well connected to pathways for people who wish to cycle to the train, and has space for dozens of bikes," Mr Nalder said on September 21.

"We expect more than 2,000 passengers a day will choose to take the 37 minute journey to Perth from the new station."

Builders in Perth may find there's increasing willingness among families and couples to venture further from the city centre and build from the ground up, given the efficient transport links now in place.

New land lots open

Meanwhile, the state government also intends to open up land lots across Western Australia - including east Perth - in a measure to boost revenue.

"These pieces of land, all in the metropolitan area and from a range of portfolios, would be better transferred to private ownership to be redeveloped or restored," said Premier Colin Barnett on September 25.

It's hoped around $250 million will be raised as a result of the sales. For home buyers, new developments popping up may help quash concerns about dwelling affordability, as well as opening up more choices for property purchasing.