new home interior design trends: minimalist neutrality reigns supreme

The latest new home interior design trends are harkening back to a very low-key, minimalist approach to interior design, with an emphasis on creating space and not restricting creative expression through housing fixtures.

According to Chris Riccadonna, the apg homes Display and New Home Manager, many people are taking steps towards neutral colours, such as off-whites or greys, for their internal compositions.

"We're finding that people are keeping their colour palates quite neutral, keeping to whites, off whites, beiges and greys while using their furniture more as their 'punch' for a room," said Mr Riccadonna.

"If you get bored with it, you can change your couch or paint a feature wall. They're keeping their rooms like a blank canvas and using accessories to dress it up and down, depending on how you feel at the time." 

Furthermore, Mr Riccadonna also highlighted the popularity of more natural textures and materials in homes today. Materials like stone or timber are becoming increasingly popular across the market, bringing a more natural feel and tone to the homes being built.

With the creative freedom afforded to homeowners through minimalistic, non-confronting colour palettes and compositions, changing up your home style could be as simple as swapping your couches or changing the colour of your bedspread.

These trends, inspired by the rustic stylings of Scandinavian design, are timeless and can be employed in any home to instantly revitalise a tired room into an exciting new space.

Implementing these trends while creating your double storey home designs will help you to keep your lifestyle fresh and clean, with neutral colours never going out of style due to their versatility and ability to be paired with most fixtures available.